Dave Yerbury

Warehouse Lead

With a decade of dedicated service, Dave Yerbury stands as a pillar of experience and commitment within the ranks of Farmers Mill. Transitioning through diverse fields including retail, horticulture, and hospitality, Dave brings a breadth of knowledge and a unique perspective to his role as Warehouse Lead, and we use him for his knowledge of useless things that are asked at quiz nights.

Dave’s journey with Farmers Mill began ten years ago, and since then, he has become an integral part of the company’s success story. His passion for quality products and his admiration for the skilled bakers across the country, drives his dedication to ensuring that only the finest flour leaves the warehouse.

Dave takes pride in overseeing every aspect of the warehouse operations. His hands-on approach and attention to detail ensure that each product meets the exacting standards set by Farmers Mill.

Dave’s connection to the entire production process is in his words: “It’s all about Relationships with the team here at the mill and all of our customers large and small”.

As Warehouse Lead, Dave embodies the spirit of Farmers Mill – a commitment to quality, a passion for excellence, and a vision for the future.

Dave Yerbury | Warehouse Lead
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