Angus Booth

Grainstor Manager

Angus is our go-to guy for grain, from the stunning Central Otago! Growing up amidst breath-taking landscapes, Angus has always had a love for the great outdoors. He spent his high school years as a boarder at St. Kevin’s High School, where he learned the importance of community and independence.

Angus is a true outdoors enthusiast. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, or whipping up a delicious meal with his fresh catches, he’s in his element. And when he’s not out in nature, you can find him in the kitchen, perfecting his culinary skills (we are expecting smoko any day now).

Family time is top priority for Angus. He believes in building strong, lasting relationships, both personally and professionally. His warm and personable nature makes him a joy to work with, and he’s always ready to connect with new people and forge meaningful relationships.

Angus isn’t just your average Site Manager—he brings a blend of outdoor adventure, culinary creativity, and genuine warmth to the table. His dedication to family and relationships makes him a trusted and approachable figure at Farmers Mill and Grainstor.

Whether he’s out in the wild, cooking up a storm, or building new connections, Angus Booth brings a perfect mix of fun and professionalism to Farmers Mill and Grainstor. He’s not just a team member but a valued friend and partner to everyone he works with

Angus Booth | Grainstor Manager
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