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Blueberry and Spelt flour muffin | Farmers Mill
Spelt is a good source of dietary fibre, protein, and vitamins and minerals. Those delicious muffins will blow your taste.
Creme Brûlée Donuts | Farmers Mill
These glazed Creme Brûlée Donuts are sure to be a treat for any occasion.
Apple Cider Crullers | Farmers Mill
These apple cider crullers are the perfect treat! They have a light and airy inside, a crispy outside, and a hint of apple cider flavour. Each donut is coated in an apple cider glaze for an extra kick of flavour.
Cream Cheese & Blueberry Babka Bread
Babka cake is a traditional Eastern European sweet yeast bread or cake . It is known for its rich, tender texture and swirls of sweet fillings.